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Network Design and Installation PDF Print E-mail

  It doesn't matter whether it's just down the hall or across the country, you need your data to get from point A to point B as efficiently and quickly as possible.  A poorly designed or outdated network can bring your day to day operations to a crawl.  In recent years more and more devices have become network capable (or dependent).  Time clocks, video surveilance systems, VOIP phone systems, heating and air controllers, key card access systems, etc...these are just a few examples of how "everything" seems to be connected to your network these days.  Which, if any, of these items you currently have or plan to have in the next few years will determine what kind of network equipment you need to purchase.

  Do you need wireless?  How about VPN connectivity for mobile employees?  Which brand or model of routers and switches?  Cat5e, Cat6, or fiber?  The decisions you make when planning your network and purchasing the equipment will have long-term effects on how well it works for you.

  It's important to make sure you have the proper network infrastructure in place, but it's also important to stay within your budget.  Spend too little and your network won't keep up with the demand of your users, spend too much and you will just be wasting money on technology that you won't be utilizing.

  As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges small businesses face when making technology purchases.  As a certified network technician I can help you make those choices and design and install a network backbone that will both fit your budget and meet your data requirements. (References available upon request.)


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Remote Support PDF Print E-mail

  Clients who purchase one of my support packages have access to an easy to use and convenient trouble ticket system which guarantees timely response to day-to-day issues.  They also benefit from scheduled routine maintenance such as server updates, backup verification, etc...

  Remote support is available to anyone with an Internet connection using state of the art software to create a secure connection to your computer, allowing screen sharing and assistance.

  After contacting us to schedule a support session, you can use the following link to allow a secure connection: https://get.teamviewer.com/pxh8jrg

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HIPAA Compliance PDF Print E-mail

  If your business deals with electronic protected health information (ePHI), then you must meet the guidelines set out in the HIPAA rules and the HITECH legislation.  With the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 the potential penalties for violations changed.  Is your business doing everything it can to prevent a possible breach?  Is your email secure?  Is your staff trained in how to handle ePHI correctly?  Are your backups encrypted?  What about portable data on laptops and thumb drives?  Border States Consulting, LLC can help make sure your IT hardware and your data procedures meet and/or exceed the requirements.

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Software Development PDF Print E-mail

I currently write software in the following languages/platforms:

PHP/mysql - Web applications, database applications, server management scripts...

C and C++ - Custom software to handle just about any task you could need.

Perl, Python, and bash shell scripts - server management scripts to automate repetitive tasks.


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